1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

My new years resolution - To post on my blog at least once a week!!!

Well here's the first post of 2009.

We've had a lovely day today, got to bed around 2 this morning after partying last night round the neighbours, we went out for lunch this aft at The Arms with Mum, Dad, Bro future SIL, Bailey, Hub and Hubs Nanna. Was gorg, just what the doctor ordered to soak up last nights fluid.

We went to my dear uncles house this eve for half an hour, turned into 4 hours, was lovely to see Jo's parents over from St Lucia (lucky buggers) (well not so lucky being over here in this cold) played a bit of poker, chase the ace and pontoon, forfeit for having an ace was to eat leftover cauliflower cheese topped with tommy ketch and a bit of brown sauce, mmmmmm nice.

We left at around 10.30 I have been as dry as a bone, driving everyone round all day so am just tucking into a lovely Irish Coffee! It's to calm me down really because a pair of twatting coppers have just pulled me over, well I was already pulled over, granted I was on the wrong side of the road outside my parents house, they were alighting the parked vehicle, my indicator happily indicating away to show that i wasn't just parked there, that I was dropping them off and because I'd not turned off my lights the pair of tossers pulled up beside me to tell me that I should turn them down when I'm parked at the side of the road because they'd blinded them as they approached me!!!!!! Fooking tossers, have right wound me up they have, I mean come on have they got nothing better to do, like fighting real crime, like pulling up all the tossers that drive round with their fog lights on for no reason, getting the tax and insurance dodgers and the rest of the arse wipes in the world. NO they want to pick on me, well I'd just like to say to the pair of them 'you're a pair of wankers'. It's right wound my dad up too cos he's just rung me to make sure they didn't follow me home!!!!!!!!!


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