10 September 2009

New Background!

Well aren't we getting good! Two visits in a week and I now have a new background!! Still preparing the uber long post, will be here soon!!!

8 September 2009

Pant's Blogger

Well as the title says how pant's am I at blogging!!! The New Years Resolution went well didn't it??? Well like Lou I am no longer going to commit myself to blogging, I'll just log on when I can, which really ought to be everyday since I touch down everywhere else every day. Well we'll see. Lots has happened since my last post back in January so I will prepare an uber long post detailing whatever I can remember. Promise it will be sometime this year!!!! Oooooh there I go making promises again!!!

1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

My new years resolution - To post on my blog at least once a week!!!

Well here's the first post of 2009.

We've had a lovely day today, got to bed around 2 this morning after partying last night round the neighbours, we went out for lunch this aft at The Arms with Mum, Dad, Bro future SIL, Bailey, Hub and Hubs Nanna. Was gorg, just what the doctor ordered to soak up last nights fluid.

We went to my dear uncles house this eve for half an hour, turned into 4 hours, was lovely to see Jo's parents over from St Lucia (lucky buggers) (well not so lucky being over here in this cold) played a bit of poker, chase the ace and pontoon, forfeit for having an ace was to eat leftover cauliflower cheese topped with tommy ketch and a bit of brown sauce, mmmmmm nice.

We left at around 10.30 I have been as dry as a bone, driving everyone round all day so am just tucking into a lovely Irish Coffee! It's to calm me down really because a pair of twatting coppers have just pulled me over, well I was already pulled over, granted I was on the wrong side of the road outside my parents house, they were alighting the parked vehicle, my indicator happily indicating away to show that i wasn't just parked there, that I was dropping them off and because I'd not turned off my lights the pair of tossers pulled up beside me to tell me that I should turn them down when I'm parked at the side of the road because they'd blinded them as they approached me!!!!!! Fooking tossers, have right wound me up they have, I mean come on have they got nothing better to do, like fighting real crime, like pulling up all the tossers that drive round with their fog lights on for no reason, getting the tax and insurance dodgers and the rest of the arse wipes in the world. NO they want to pick on me, well I'd just like to say to the pair of them 'you're a pair of wankers'. It's right wound my dad up too cos he's just rung me to make sure they didn't follow me home!!!!!!!!!

3 November 2008

Hello There!

Hi everyone, well I have to say I am much worse than Lou at keeping up with this blogging malarky. Well here we are, here I am, here's what I've managed to get up to over the weekend. I don't usually do a supplies list but here goes my first one.

Cardstock - Stampin Up - Certainly Celery and Ruby Red. Cuttlebug Snowflake embossing folder, Magnolia - Christmas Edwin stamp and Stampin Up punches. Oooooh and some stickles that Lou gave me a while ago to accentuate the embossed snowflakes.

Here's another similar one cos I liked the first, prefer the paper used on this one though, forgot to add that to my supplies list by the way, it's DCWV Christmas Stack from a couple of years ago.

Here are another couple again using the DCWV Christmas stack, I wasn't too sure about the one on the left at first which was the first one I did but it's really grown on me now and I really like it. The second one was a bit of trial and error. I used the Poinsetta stamp from The Season of Joy set, you can't see it very well but the DCWV dp has little poinsettia on it and the greeting says Season's Greetings. Anyone have any tips on how to take the pics of cards without any glare gratefully received.
TTFN Linz xx

6 September 2008

Am Gutted!!!

I can't bloody believe it, today I thought to myself I know I'll post on my blog my lovely little mini book that I've done and a few other bits, went to take pictures and the camera wouldn't work properly, changed the batteries and it still won't work properly. What will I do??? It will allow you to go in to view the pictures already on the camera and change the settings but won't take pics or record video. OMG!!! Can you bloody believe it!!! Anyone know any good camera shops in the area that might be able to have a look at it?

19 July 2008

Crafty Comeback!!

Well here is this mornings creation, I am in love with Magnolia stamps, can't get enough of them, we had a good old stamp swop at Lou's house last night, everyone stamped up a few of my collection and Carol brought her collection, now we've all got loads to crack on with colouring in!!!
I coloured this one using Stampin Up Watercolour Crayons and an SU Blender pen, they are both ab fab. Card is Whisper white and Pale Plum - Stampin Up and the DP is American Crafts. I used Louise's nestabilities, some SU punches and a stamp from the Circle of Friendship collection.
I like how Louise includes the supplies that she uses in the pictures of her creations, so I thought I'd give it a go!! Need a bit of practice though I think!! Will have to get some batteries for the camera before I practice because I borrowed the ones out of the Sky remote so I had to rush to take the pic so I could get the batteries back in otherwise it resets itself and you have to re-enter the codes and stuff!!!
I also like how a lady on one of the blogs that I stalk puts on a close up of the focus of her card, I did try to do this but I just got alot of glare, some more practice required here too one thinks!!!


Hi there, it's been a while since I posted on my blog, as you've probably read it's not been a particularly nice time for our family recently. We lost my Great Uncle on my Dads side at the end of May, then we lost my Grandad middle of June which was an extremely sad time then on Thursday morning this week another Great Uncle on my mums side passed away. I can't believe it, I hope the deaths have stopped now, please stop taking all of the good ones away!!!

Well on a lighter note myself and my crafting buddies had a get together at Lou's last night, I didn't leave until midnight, got to bed at 1am and then the little one had me up at 8 o'clock which usually would be a lovely time, but today i prayed for an after 9 and it didn't happen!!!

So my crafty flair has returned, I'll post this mornings creation in a min!!!!

Itchy Knickers!!!!!

The tales of the Williamson household!!!!