27 April 2008

This Weekend!

Louise planted this seed in my head last week after she made one using her Magnolia collection. It's a challenge from the SplitCoast website. I thought I'd make one using Pick a Petal stamp set which is great. I made a smaller box than Lou's and made 4 cards to go in it!

Final card of last weeks Lou challenge!!!

Here's the final card of my challenge from Lou last week, I did manage to get it all done last weekend but have on ly just had chance to get on here and upload.

I thought I'd try a man card, everyone I know struggles with man cards. Why dont we just give them flowers etc???

21 April 2008

I have completed my challenge. Early. Whoop whoop. I made a manly card for my final one yesterday but i took it into work today and forgot to photograph it so I'll get a photie and upload it later. Am so proud of myself. Come on Lou Lou challenge me again!!!!

20 April 2008

And here is number 2. (I kind of copied one of Lou's that she showed me yesterday, I'm sure she won't mind. She is very creative.)

Well then are you impressed, deadline of a week and I get most of the challenge completed in less than a day.

Lou's Challenge

Yesterday my friend and scrap buddy Louise challenged me to make 3 cards using the magnolia stamps of hers that I stamped up yesterday and my DCWV Spring glitter cardstock. She wanted them on the blog by next Saturday. I woke at 6 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so thought I know what I'll do, crack on with my challenge.

So here they are, well two of them anyway. I'm about to get ready to go to work at the rugby for my mother in law so I'll be making the 3rd one when I return at tea time.

5 April 2008

On A Roll

Goodness am on a roll tonight!!!! The girls will be so proud! Although I did copy this idea from a lady on the Stampin Up site, I do hope she doesn't mind!

Scrapbook In Progress

I started this book a while ago, I thought that if I posted this pic it would encourage me to get on with finishing it so that I can show you the final product!

The Long Awaited First Post

Well it's finally here, my friends Lou and Carol have been waiting ages for this post. My blog has been live without any posts for about 6 months now. Well here we go!!! I even have a pic of a card I made this evening to attach.

The tales of the Williamson household!!!!