6 September 2008

Am Gutted!!!

I can't bloody believe it, today I thought to myself I know I'll post on my blog my lovely little mini book that I've done and a few other bits, went to take pictures and the camera wouldn't work properly, changed the batteries and it still won't work properly. What will I do??? It will allow you to go in to view the pictures already on the camera and change the settings but won't take pics or record video. OMG!!! Can you bloody believe it!!! Anyone know any good camera shops in the area that might be able to have a look at it?


Louise said...

WEll I can't beleive it!
good on you getting it finished anyway with everthing you have on at the moment.
See you soon lovey.

Saved you a place for workshop on 27th.
Lou xx

Cazamataz said...

Drat.. and double drat luvvy .....modern technology can half give us a hard time! ... enjoy a bit of Linz time after these busy weeks you take care now..luv to ya hun
p.s.See you on the 27th at Lou's

Cazamataz said...

Loved the moments album you've created Linz it was good to see you this weekend.Take care see you at Lou's next time.

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